Five Unusual Poker Facts

Poker is a game that is played around the world nowadays; whether it be online, in a land-based casino or just simply with friends on a relaxed night in. It has come a long way since its American introduction in the 19th century, but poker players are always learning more about the game. That ranges from learning about new tactics to finding new poker-leading casinos such as . Poker players live and breathe the game and always want to know interesting facts about the game. Here are five facts that you may not have known about the casino game.

Early versions of the game consisted of 20 cards

Of course, all games evolve over time and poker is no different. While we are used to playing games of poker using 52 cards nowadays, this never used to be the case. Back in the early days of the game, poker was played with just 20 cards between four players. The original game wasn’t as tactically evolved as it is now; with the four played dealt five cards each and the betting would start on who had the best hand. The first documented game of 52-card poker was in 1834.

Poker chips

One of the essential pieces of kit that is needed for a game of poker are the chips to distinguish the amount of money that you’re placing on the bet. This wasn’t always the case however, as coins, dust and nuggets were used in the early days of the game. The need for an accessory to define the amount that the player is betting with was realised by Saloons and gaming houses as they came up with poker chips; which were initially made of bone, ivory, clay and wood. The chips would come complete with an engraving of the amount which each chip was worth, and these would be exchanged for real money at the end of the game; much like they are today.

First televised poker tournament

??sf??If you flick through the television channels, you are sure to find at least one poker competition that is going on. However, this wasn’t always the case, and the first televised poker tournament occurred in 1973 and was live coverage of the World Series leg in Las Vegas.

No sport is more lucrative that poker

??sf??While football players, NBA stars and golfers make their millions in their profession, none of them can claim that they are as profitable as poker. The sums of high-roller tournaments in the top five competitions come to a mind-boggling $44 million; this makes poker the most lucrative game in the world.

Longest game of poker

We have all been involved in gruelling games of poker down the years, but nobody can claim to match the claims from the Bird Cage Theatre. The casino in Arizona claims to have held the longest ever game of poker which lasted an impressive eight years, five months and three days in 1881.