The Linq to Roll Out the First Ever Holographic Gaming Zones

Ceasar’s The Linq is set to premiere its experimental casino floor space in the next few weeks. The Linq is now known to be the very first casino to introduce holographic gaming. This casino will showcase gesture-controlled holographic games that will surely excite a lot of casino-goers.

??sf??The new Caesar’s place is specially designed for their guests to engage and interact with the environment. The Linq is set to be packed with interactive zones that will allow guests to be part of the gaming experience.

p>??sf??When the enhancements are finished, The Linq will have a total of six virtual reality bays that can let guests play different roles like astronauts, athletes, and superheroes. It was also revealed that there will be at least 24 eSports gaming stations that can hold daily games and tournaments in the area.

The Transformation

??sf??The director of Caesars Entertainment Corp., Matthew Kenagy, said in an interview that they saw how the industry and customers are constantly changing. Customers are becoming more particular and specific to the type of experiences that they want.

??sf??Because of this, the people at Caesars Entertainment Corp. want to lead the industry when it comes to how gaming spaces should be built. They don’t only want to focus on their casinos, but they want the casino gaming experience to be ultimate.

??sf??Aside from the enhancements that are set to be launched in the next few weeks, Caesars also made sure that their guests will be comfortable during the whole of their stay. The Book, which opened in October 2018, offers Fan Caves.

??sf??These Fan Caves have rentable rooms with a 98-inch TV that guests can use to play with the technology of virtual reality. The Book offers couches, lounges, and rooms with gaming consoles that the guests can use and enjoy.

More about the Linq’s Casino

??sf??The Linq’s new technology also includes Pulse Arena. Pulse Arena already opened three weeks ago. This place has electronic table games with virtual dealers. Retro games like Pac-Man can be also enjoyed in this area.

These retro games can let players compete for pooled money. The holographic games are set to be placed here and should only cost the players $5. Some of the holographic games are rock, paper, scissors, balloon-popping game, and tic-tac-toe.

??sf??The Linq’s casino can still let you play the all-time , but because of its recent enhancements, you can’t really call this place your traditional casino anymore. What’s great is that this is one of those places that offer great casino welcome bonuses.

??sf??The casino floor of this area is full of Instagram-worthy spots for guests to capture their experience. They have 4D slot machines and reactive LED screens too. The attractiveness of this place can surely capture the interest of non-gamers too.

More About the Linq’s Upgrade

The Linq is 32,890 square feet in measurement and is found in the Las Vegas Strip. It is formerly known as the Flamingo Capri, Imperial Palace, and The Quad. It originally opened in 1959 as a motel and was reopened as the Imperial Palace in 1979.

It was in 2014 when Caesars Entertainment Corp. announced that the place will then be called The Linq Hotel and Casino. Recently, an underwater-themed bar in the Linq called Re:Match was launched. This place has 27 bar-top touchscreen displays that can let guests play games and enjoy some entertainment. Re:Match is basically a virtual world of the sea life because its guests can enjoy discovering different oceanic species as they explore the displays on the bar. Re:Match was launched last May 4, but according to some sources, this is just the start of revealing the enhancements that this place has.

According to Caesars Entertainment Corp.’s vice president, Christian Stuart, The Linq’s aim is to attract digitally-focused guests or customers. He said that people are now more digitally-inclined and so that’s what they tried to implement in their casino’s gaming experience.

??sf??They don’t only make sure that only the casino gaming experience that they offer is what’s worth the time of their guests. Today’s technology also makes people look for social media-worthy attractions. This is why the Linq is packed with picture-worthy spots.

Kenagy also mentioned that Caesars really wanted to make The Linq more of an attraction instead of a casino. Caesars team who worked on these enhancements drew inspiration from Silicon Valley and different theme parks. Surely, this place can capture not only the attention of casino-goers but also tourists who are looking for something out of the norm.